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Family Background

My name is János. I am member of Hungarian national minority that lives in Serbia - Yugoslavia. Our family name spelled on Hungarian is Krizsán. Due to the laws of Yugoslavia name that occurs in my identification cards and other documents is Krizan Janos. On my trips in neighboring countries Slovakians, Croatians and Slovenians claimed that family name Krizan belong to their nationality. I assume that this could be explained by fact that all these nations once created multiethnic Austro-Hungarian empire. My family always claimed that we are Hungarians. I was born on March 8th 1963 in Újvidék (Novi Sad). We originate from territories of today’s Vajdaság (Vojvodina). Vajdaság (Vojvodina) had been truly multiethnic Hungarian territory that was in 1944 occupied by Serbia (Yugoslavia). Vajdaság (Vojvodina) consists from 3 regions: Szerémség (Srem), Bánát (Banat) and Bácska (Backa). It is situated in northern part of  today’s Serbia (Yugoslavia),  so it is geographically in central Europe.

My father and my grandfather names are also János while my grand grandfather's name is András. Some said details of my grand father and his father could be found on Internet.


My father was born on December 20th 1927 in Sajkáslak. He got seek and died under suspicious circumstances in Futog on July 29th 1995.   My grandfather was born on September 7th 1902 in Maradik Ürög (Irig). He died as a victim of genocide against Hungarians in winter of 1944 along with other Hungarians in Sajkáslak.



There has been several attacks on my life for this unforgettable sin of being Hungarian and living in a more than millennium old land of my ancestors. It is well possible that at this moment when you are viewing this home page of mine, what you are actually viewing is my epitaph.   Family tree will offer you some additional information on my family background.


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