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Three times there was attempt on my life from Serb nationalists. I am still alive probably not for a long time.

Nenad Sikoparija (called Sikac), my high school colleague, pushed me through window. While I was hanging with my head down he was holding my legs, laughed and asked other Serb colleagues what to do with this filthy Hungarian. I was staring (from the height of more than 10 m) to the ground, expecting when Nenad Sikoparija will let me hit the ground and smash my head. My Serb colleagues liked the idea to purify the world from Hungarian filth, but somebody figured out that there were two Slovak nationality colleagues in the classroom (as a inconvenient witnesses) so Nenad Sikoparija pulled me back from the window into the classroom.

On the second occasion, my neighbour Nikola Peric called Brka (from Narodnog fronta 34 - street and number) shot at me from his balcony. He missed me; instead he shot the bench. There were for long time bullet marks on the bench’s wood until somebody broke the bench.

On the third occasion, my neighbour Svetozar Kavraja called Brasa (from Narodnog fronta 30 - street and number) attacked me in front of the about 50 witnesses with butchers knife to kill filthy Hungarian. When I called the police officers all the witnesses (all of them were my neighbours and/or individuals whom I regarded as my friends) claimed either that nothing happened or that they saw nothing, some of them even said that I attacked Kavraja.

On another occasion certain friend of my neighbours (Ratko Golubovic and Goran Gavranic) known under nick name "Sarma" put the knife under my throat and forced me to sing Serb chauvinistic songs and yell that all Hungarians are filth and that all of them should be killed. Other Serbs including Ratko and Goran laughed; they had a good time. I could go on with similar examples endlessly, if I could only remember them all. I strongly fear that next time Serb chauvinists will get lucky and that I will die. Please help me!

My family and me have been humiliated many times because of our nationality and we always thought that uneducated simple-minded Serbs are humiliating us because they don’t know for better. Therefore, I went through Serb schools (and experienced all the injustice, partiality and discrimination that professors, as people who implement government’s policy, expressed over undesired student) and tried to work with, and have around me as colleagues and/or friends, mainly intellectuals such as Miloradov’s and other "noble" Serbs. But at the end result is the same only methods of expressing their true feelings toward me (non-Serb nationality citizen) differ. Educated people do not shoot on me, or chase me with knife; they just ruin me economically. At some instances they hire simpleminded people to undertake violent actions toward people they dislike. If such a highly educated people, at such high positions in Yugoslav (Serb) government (establishments) act in such an uncivilised way toward me solely because of my nationality, than I would be a complete idiot if I would wish to stay in Serbia and wait to be eliminated.

There are many cases similar to mine only members of national minorities in Vojvodina (Serbia-Yugoslavia) rarely and only among themselves talk about it, because they fear of betray and ruthless Serb revenge.

Latest attacks happened during NATO bombing.

I could write a whole novel based on true stories that happened to members of my family and me from the hands of Serb chauvinists, but I am sure that I bored you already with these few paragraphs, so I will stop writing about it.


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