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During my undergraduate and graduate studies I had published (on Serbo-Croatian and English language) 23 full papers and 11 abstracts.

I gave lectures as part time teaching assistant at University of Novi Sad, TEMPUS center’s course Environmental System Analyses - Part II and at University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Agriculture, department of Water Organization and Control in Agriculture’s course Static of Civil Engineering Constructions.

Main field of my research is application of multiobjective iterative compromise optimization in environmental quality evaluation and protection. As far as I know I started a new approach toward air and water quality evaluation by method of multiobjective iterative compromise optimization on various comparable locations.

On the basis of my research two projects had been started: joint South African-Yugoslavian project "Feasibility of GIS Based Integrated Cadastre for Point and Non Point Sources of Aquatic Pollution and Its Integration Into Multiobjective Analyses and the Planing of Pollution Control" and joint Romanian-Yugoslavian project "Evaluation of the Water Quality on the International Romanian-Yugoslav Rivers".

I am initiator and writer of the proposition for the Environmental Policy Act of Vojvodina for the need of League of Social Democrats of Vojvodina.

In 1994 I helped Prof. Dr. Veronika Putaric from the University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Agriculture, department of Water Organization and Control in Agriculture to complete Hydrological study of the Tisza river at the Kanyizsa village for the purpose of building a recreational center within the inundation. For the purpose of completing this study I created original computer program applicable on PC computers based on Muskingum method for hydrological propagation and transformation of flood wave.

I created numerous original computer programs applicable on PC computers for the needs of specifics hydrological data analyses (whenever it was necessary) and Static of Civil Engineering Constructions (Cross method of iterations). Names of those computer programs that I created on the basis of Cross method of iterations are: Kross-F1, Kross-F2, Kross-F3 and Kross-F4.

I also worked organizational, operational and technical jobs at TEMPUS center.

For three years I was working as consultant at University of Novi Sad, TEMPUS Centre. I linked professors and students, professors and professors, students and students in all departments of interdisciplinary Centre for environmental engineering education - TEMPUS Centre.

I facilitated professors and students travel (reimbursement of traveling costs and lodgings). I prepared numerous various notifications for students and professors. I helped in preparations of and sent invitations for collegium meetings. I helped in reception of visiting professors and gave technical assistance in enabling their lectures. I helped in organization of three TEMPUS’s summer schools (two in Kotor-Montenegro and one in Vajska-Vojvodina). I organized and leaded students’ trip to international student week in Timisoara - Romania and European Youth Convention in Cracow - Poland. I organized various mandatory one-day scientific excursions, as well as informal (of duty) gatherings between students and their professors in order to overcome differences and establish closer relationships among them.

I worked on Macintosh, PC (under DOS, WINDOWS, and OS2 operating systems) and DIGITAL’s ALPHA (under WINDOWS NT operating system) computers. I worked with following software: MSWORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT, COREL, QUATTRO, SPSSWIN, CANVAS, DESK SCAN, NETSCAPE, NORTON utilities, ARC VIEW, HYPER CHEM, etc. (who could remember them all). I produced various statistical reports from wide range of areas.

I speak read and write on following languages: English, Russian, Serbo-Croatian and Hungarian. On March 13th 1999. I scored on Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) 577 points and on Test of Essay Writing Skills (TEWS) I received mark 3.

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