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TEMPUS is reputable name for European Commission program. University of Novi Sad, TEMPUS Center (as I learned in May of 1998) does not belong to that program. Prof. Dr. Mirjana Vojinovic-Miloradov, Prof. Dr. Milorad Miloradov, Prof. Dr. Zoran Cukic (deputy minister for science development and environmental protection  in government of FR Yugoslavia), Prof. Dr. Prvoslav Bane Marjanovic (department of civil engineering - Witwatersrand University - South Africa) ant their associates used the name of TEMPUS for propaganda purposes, personal recognition and financial gain. Gullible students are additional source of money (tuition fee) and free or cheap labor.

These professors claim that TEMPUS center was established thanks to the cooperation between University of Novi Sad and 4 reputable foreign universities (Wageningen Agricultural University, University college London, University of Manitoba and University of Illinois Urbana Champaign). These universities categorically deny their involvement in anything more than a talk without any agreement with people from University of Novi Sad, TEMPUS Center. Negotiators were influential members of IAWQ. Officials from world wide network of Tempus organizations deny that any of their projects is running in Serbia.

M.Sc. courses last usually 2 semesters (1 year) in most countries, and Ph.D. courses last 3 years. In University of Novi Sad, TEMPUS Center according to plan, course lasts 3 semesters (1.5 year) of taking exams and ½ year (1 semester) of writing a M.Sc. these, but in fact it lasts 3 years just to complete all the lectures because of the poor organization (Miloradovs can not find professors to give lectures) and than, students can start writing their M.Sc. these. There are about 140 students who are enrolled in this environmental engineering course that started in 1992 (7 generations) and only 4 students graduated (because their mentors insisted).

My impression is that scientific degrees (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) at University of Novi Sad TEMPUS center are rarely given for ones scientific contribution to the world of science, but more often as a token of ones loyalty to certain ideology.

During summer and winter of 1998 TEMPUS Center twice changed its name on official documents. Name of TEMPUS Center is still in use on various publications and semi official correspondences. Old saying says that snake changes its skin, but never changes its character (mood). TEMPUS Center is, as any other organization, what it is thanks to the people who are connected to it.
According to my opinion University of Novi Sad, TEMPUS Center is beside other purposes also an educational center, but I am afraid not for education of environmental engineers.

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