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In September 1997 I finally gave up any hope that I will ever be paid and stopped going to TEMPUS Centre to work. Still whenever I had a chance I had asked professor Mirjana Vojinovic-Miloradov, for my one year salary, that she and her husband owe me. She would always reply to me: "Money? What money? I thought that you love us and that you were working for us for pleasure. You should be proud because we let you work.". Lately she is saying how I never had worked for them and that she doesn't understand what money do I want. I think that Adolph Hitler would have said something similar at his time to somebody who wouldn't have had pure blood.

Professor Mirjana Vojinovic-Miloradov told me at one occasion (when she had sudden attack of honesty) that I would never have another job in Yugoslavia. She also asked me on several occasions when will I move away from Serbia and that immigration would be for my own good. I believe her now since during these 3 years that I had spent in her company (she is director of TEMPUS Centre) I saw that almost regularly one kind of persons (same nationality and political believes) have jobs and/or various stipends (given from the state even if the official law of that state is broken by various frauds and false statements), and amount of their work or/and knowledge is absolutely irrelevant.

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