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I have started Master of Science thesis with following title "Surface Water Quality Optimisation". My thesis is part of joint South African-Yugoslavian project "FEASIBILITY OF GIS BASED INTEGRATED CADASTRE FOR POINT AND NON POINT SOURCES OF AQUATIC POLLUTION AND ITS INTEGRATION INTO MULTIOBJECTIVE ANALYSES AND THE PLANING OF POLLUTION CONTROL" and my mentor Prof. Dr. Milorad Miloradov promised me in August 1996 that I will receive monthly 1000 din  (approximately 200 $US) for working on my thesis and for helping out (secretarial job) at TEMPUS Centre. Only money I received from him was 1800 din in August 1996. I gave to Prof. Miloradov material of approximately 140 pages. In January 1997 I asked him for the money that he owes me for my work.  He said to me that he has no money. After that I stopped giving him results from my research but I still continued working at TEMPUS Centre until the September 1997, hoping that he might change his mind and pay me for my work. If he had paid me I would have given him additional results. Whenever I ask him for money he tells me that he works for free! Professor Milorad Miloradov worked 2 times for 3 months in South Africa on this project and now he has got for a third time one-year working visa for South Africa. In addition to that he receives regularly substantial amounts of money (approximately 5000 DM monthly) from Yugoslav Ministry for Sciencescience Development and Environmental Protection (where he was deputy minister when project started in1995) for working on this project.  At the same time Prof. Dr. Milorad Miloradov and his spouse Prof. Dr. Mirjana Vojinovic-Miloradov enabled to some Serb nationality students who were not working anything at the Centre or on the projects various stipends. Some of them beside these stipends were also employed. When I asked Prof. Dr. Milorad Miloradov to enable me at least some stipend and why he did not hired me as his assistant as he had promised me before (instead he hired one individual who already have one job employment - his nationality was Serb), his answer was: "Janos you can not be hired nor you can be enabled to receive stipend". On my repeated question: "Why?" his answer was: "Because". Than I asked him: "Why did I worked for you all this time and why should I proceed working for you?" He answered through laughter: "Because you want MSc degree don’t you?"

My mentor Prof. Dr. Milorad Miloradov is misusing his position and disables me in my work and career movement. I can not spend next 4-5 years in working for him for free (hopefully not longer than until the end of project with South Africa) in order to get MSc degree just because my mentor’s and his wife’s "political" chauvinist believes. Professor Miloradov will never let me graduate before project ends. Why would he give up free labor? He is no fool.

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