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Tony Milburn, executive director of IAWQ, in his article " Preserving Water Quality - The Resource Productivity Factor", that was published in Water Quality International from March/April 1998, on page 12 under subtitle "The challenge of industry" wrote following: "The Water Research Commission in South Africa, for example, has produced a range of guides for specific water using, polluting, industrial processes. These set out good water management practice for that process and recommend water use targets for each unit of production". Three years ago for the purpose of writing my MSc thesis I conducted my investigations upon these South African guidelines. Book that I am proposing is based on these investigations.

This book - as you can see from its titles - deals with some new techniques of environmental quality evaluation. I successfully tested and applied them on air and water quality evaluation on various comparable locations in Yugoslavia. I assume that there is no need for me to stress out again well known fact, that only proper evaluation can determine optimal course of action.

In contemporary world with limited resources of fresh water, water quality optimization imposes itself as a method that can offer economically and environmentally acceptable solutions. Proper water quality evaluation can save a lot of money for the investors during the period of capital investments and can guarantee higher profit by offering lower costs of operation (production).

I would like to make results of my research available to wider audience by publishing them in this book. In that way I could help in improving environmental quality situation by its proper evaluation everywhere in the world where people are willing to do so, and I think that it is only fair that I have some financial benefit from it.

It is probably not nice thing to be written, but according to my modest experience, in great number of cases scientific books that discuss problem of water quality evaluation tend to resemble one to another in contents and applied (recommended) techniques for solution of the certain problems. My book from another angle and in a more wholly way comprehends the problem of proper water quality evaluation. As a result of this I offer new, accurate, fast and universally applicable method of water quality evaluation. I am deeply convinced that when investors, scientists and engineers, discover advantages of this new method of water quality evaluation it will become a standard procedure for this sort of evaluations throughout the world.

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