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I have been unwillingly exposed to the drugs that I had intake orally through food and drink. These drugs affected me in the way that I was aware of everything that was happening around me and with me, but I just wasn’t able to care about it. Like that everything was happening to somebody else. I was almost 16 hours at TEMPUS center. I went home only to sleep. After two weeks spent in Warsaw-Poland in summer of 1997 on Environmental Impact Assessment course I realized that something is definitely wrong with University of Novi Sad TEMPUS center. Effect of drugs that I had been exposed to at the University of Novi Sad TEMPUS center probably weakened during these days of absence. Consequently my mind was free and the whole new set of thoughts and feelings suddenly occurred in my mind.

Year and the half after my absence from University of Novi Sad TEMPUS center I see things much clearly. From September of 1996 to September of 1997 I was working for free in TEMPUS center, but I couldn’t leave. I knew that TEMPUS center had piles of money since it was paid heavily by ministry  and that Miloradovs’ were lying when they said that they don’t have it, but I still went to work. I had to be in TEMPUS center. I couldn’t resist.

There was always some treat at TEMPUS center. I was always treated with something to eat or drink. Funny staff is that they never allowed me to treat them with anything that I haven’t bought in front of them. If I for example brought something from home such as cookies they wouldn’t eat them. They would never drink liquor from bottle that wouldn’t be newly opened in front of them. I never thought about it until lately. I remember once when I wanted to treat them for my birthday with the cake that my mother backed. Nobody ate. Than Prof. Dr. Mirjana Vojinovic-Miloradov took a peace and with the tears in her eyes before she took a bite said: "See me Janos I am eating you cake." Nobody followed her example. I thought that my cake must not have been good enough for them. What a fool I was. Those bastards thought that I want to drug or poison them the way they were drugging me. At that time I thought that they were my friends and that they like me and that this was the reason why they were treating me all the time. Now I know that I was the one who had been unconsciously treating them all the time with my work silence and loyalty.

After August of 1997, when I stopped going to TEMPUS center to work, I was still going once or twice a week after the working hours to check whether some mail or e-mail arrived for me. I had the key, nobody banned me and I hated to look at their filthy faces no more so I rather went at the afternoons when Miloradovs’ were not in the center. I was checking my mail that way until the summer of 1998 when they changed the lock. All that time whenever I went there,  always some food or drinks have been left on the table. I knew that they were living them for me, but I didn't want their mercy (at that time I thought that they were leaving the food for me as an act of mercy - "let this poor sole have something to eat"). I wanted my rightfully earned money (one year salary that Miloradov family stole from me) and not mercy. When they saw that I am not eating anything than they started leaving cigarettes. You must knew that nobody of people who work in TEMPUS center smokes. I never took any of these cigarettes. It took me almost a year until I finally figured out why they were doing all this. It must be that I am very dumb or naive person or perhaps those drugs have prolonged effect.

During my absence from TEMPUS center (after August of 1997 up to day) I noticed that same for me unknown faces and/or cars were around me whenever I went somewhere. I used to drive with my motorcycle around the countryside, but it seamed that always there were some people who took the same trip as I did although at the beginning of my journey I rarely knew where I am heading to. I was wandering on roads. That is why I take coincidence out of question when I say that I have been followed by unknown cars and/or people. Once on the abandoned desert country road in Szerémség (Srem) I was stopped by unknown police patrol, greeted as old friend and than wished a bon voyage without asking for my license and registration or something.

At one occasion, at the summer of 1998 I was talking with Masa Bukurov about it. Masa was a girl that I use to be in love with. She is also assistant at University of Novi Sad and student colleague from TEMPUS center. She asked me where I was going to on my trips. I said that I don’t know; I just start the engine, hit the road and go whenever it takes me. Then she started to laugh as a lunatic. I asked her what is so funny, but she was just laughing. Later on I couldn’t notice that anybody was following me. I don’t know whether they stopped or become less noticeable. Anyway I stopped loving Masa. Lately I have that same feeling of being followed.

I could not stop wondering how I got myself involved with these people. All I ever wanted was to get myself a nice job that would provide me with some peaceful life and family. Further education seamed to me as a right way to obtain my goal. How wrong I was!

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